Friday, July 19th

  • Arrival day,
  • Accreditation at the university upon arrival
  • Training



Saturday, July 20th

  • Training
  • 16.30 General Technical Meeting, University of Camilo José Cela
  • 19:30 Opening Ceremony



Sunday, July 21th

  • Competition days 
  • 10.00 – 21.00 first competing day – Group stage



Monday, July 22th

  • 10.00 – 21.00 second competing day – Group stage


Tuesday, July 23th

  • 10.00 – 21.00 third competing day – Group stage


Wednesday, July 24th 

  • Free day


Thursday, July 25th

  • 10.00 – 21.00 fourth competing day – Quarterfinals


Friday, July 26th

  • 10.00 – 21.00 Fifth competing day - Semifinals


Saturday, July 27th

  • 10.00 – 19.00 Sixth competing day, Finals
  • 19:30 Closing ceremony and award


Sunday, July 28th - Departure day


 All times are provisional and are subject to change. The tournament schedule for the team event will be published as soon as the registration procedure is closed.





General Regulations


1st deadline:                             January 15th

2nd deadline:                            March 15th

3rd deadline:                             April 15th

Quantitative Entries:                 April 15th

Individual Entries & Travel Plans: June 15th

Certificate of Academic Eligibility: at accreditation day



  • Technical Regulations


EUSA Rules and Regulations 2019 can be found on the EUSA webpage. This includes all general rules and regulations, as well as sport specific rules and regulations.



  •  International Regulations

The organization of the EUC Football shall be mainly based on the most recent Technical Regulations of the International Football Federation (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).


  • Competitions

Team Tournaments:

• 1 (one) men’s football 11’s tournament, maximum of 20 (twenty) teams

• 1 (one) women’s football 7’s, maximum of 12 (twelve) teams.


  • Program

The competitions consist of 7 (seven) days, including 1 (one) day of rest for each team. The General Technical Meeting, where the presence of each head of the delegation is obligatory, will be held 1 (one) day prior to the start of the competition.


  • Delegation

The men’s delegation will consist of minimum 14 (fourteen) and maximum 20 (twenty) athletes and minimum of 1 (one) and maximum of 5 (five) officials. The women’s delegation will consist of minimum 10 (ten) and maximum 14 (fourteen) athletes and minimum of 1 (one) and maximum of 4 (four) officials. The head of the delegation and coach must be appointed.


  • Referees

The delegation in men’s tournament shall include a referee (not assistant or line referee) and in women’s tournament may include a referee (not assistant or line referee) with at least the highest national license; the relevant license of the National Football Federation must be submitted with the quantitative entry form. Men’s delegation failing to fulfil this obligation must pay 1.000 EUR to the Organizing Committee. Accommodation and food for the referee must be provided by the OC without charging the participation fee; no refereeing fee is provided.



  • Playing scheme

The format of the tournament will be decided by Competition Technical Commission taking into consideration the number of teams entered. Playing time men competition: 35 (thirty-five) minutes, only final may be 45 (forty-five) minutes; playing time women competition: 25 (twenty-five) minutes, only final may be 30 (thirty) minutes.



  • Draw, Seeding

The draw will be done in the presence of EUSA Representative taking into account EUSA Football ranking. The university team of the hosting city or, in their absence, the hosting country’s highest ranked team will be placed on first (1) place in pool A. Teams from the same country shall, whenever possible, be placed in different pools.



  • Financial obligations

Each team has to pay fees defined in EUC Regulations by the specified date. The deposit must be paid on EUSA request.


  •  Uniforms

Each team shall bring 2 (two) sets of player’s match kit (shirt, shorts and socks) in different colours (noticeably different in contrast and colours, preferable in light and dark). Each player must use the same shirt number for the whole competition, and it shall be printed on the shirt in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game. In addition, teams shall bring two sets of bibs in different “untypical” (non-common colours used for match kit) colours (different from the match kit colours). During the entire duration of the EUC competition each player must wear the same number.


 match countdown

  • -60 min

Arrival of teams.

  • -45 min

Arrival of referees / The referees give the Match Report to the Head of Delegation

Players warm up.

  • -30 min

Return to referees the match reports from the Head of Delegation.

  • -10 min

Players return to the dressing room.

  • -7 min

Referees check players equipment.

  • -5 min

Referees enter to the pitch with the teams.

  • -1 min

Toss of coin.

  • 0

Kick- off.


  • Half time interval: 15 minutes.
  • After the final whistle both teams, referees and assistant referees shake hands with each others.